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Frequently Asked Questions

Are those under 50 years of age eligible to collect a FIT Kit?

At the present moment, FIT kits are only available to Singaporeans above the age of 50. However, there are plans in the future to lower the age to 45. In the meantime, continue to check your stools regularly and visit a doctor if you experience or notice signs and symptoms such as: 1. Blood in Stools 2. Persistent Change in Bowel Habits 3. Persistent Urge to Pass Motion (even if there is nothing to dispel) Also, consider your risk factors which can be found in under our 'Colorectal Cancer' page.

Should I worry if I notice blood in my stools?

While there may be many underlying reasons for the presence of blood in your stools, it is always important to get it checked by a doctor instead of assuming its cause.

A colorectal specialist shared that among patients who have rectal bleeding, “2-3 percent can be attributed to colorectal cancer. 20-30% of these patients also have precancerous polyps in the colon which should be removed to prevent future development into cancer.”

Therefore, if you do notice blood in your stools, get it checked immediately. Don’t Assume, Be Assured.

PS: Blood in stools can manifest as either fresh blood (red streaks in stools) or dried blood (darkish red and sometimes even black stools).

If I poop everyday, can I still get colorectal cancer?

Having regular bowel movements does not mean you're safe from colorectal cancer.

Symptoms of colorectal cancer may not manifest in early stages. Hence, it is advisable for higher-risk individuals (i.e. those with family history of the cancer) to consult a doctor on when they should start screening - even before experiencing any symptoms.

However, if you do notice a change in your bowel habits (i.e. sudden increase in bowel movement, thinner stools, mucus in stools etc.), which persists for an extended period of time, don't ignore the symptoms. It is still best to get yourself checked and be assured by a doctor.

Don't Assume that you're safe just because you poop everyday.

If I'm under 50 years old, can I still get colorectal cancer?

Yes, you can. One common misconception that people have of colorectal cancer is that it affects only older adults. However, the truth is that it can strike anybody, including those younger than 50. In fact, the number of cases being diagnosed below the age of 50 has increased from 1-in-10 to 1-in-5 over the last decade. Don't ASSume you can't get colorectal cancer just because you're under 50.

If I commit to frequent stool checking, does this mean I don't need to go for screenings then?

Not at all! While stool-checking might be a great way to help one spot anomalies that require a doctor’s attention, this does not mean that screening is unimportant. In fact, symptoms of colorectal cancer may not always occur in early stages. As such, it is still advisable to consult a doctor and attend routine screening — especially for adults above the age of 50 or those at a higher risk (e.g. family history of colorectal cancer, existing bowel-related diseases etc.) For those aged 50 and above, you are eligible to pick up a free FIT Kit from Singapore Cancer Society or selected Guardian, Watsons and Eu Yan Seng stores across Singapore, to test your stools for any invisible traces of blood. Find out more of the various screening methods under our 'Colorectal Cancer' page.

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